Chess and Melrose

Welcome to the junk room. I'm one can of cider down, and have just closed the web browser in order to remove distractions. It's just me, Scrivener, and the light from an angle-poise lamp standing guard on the corner of the desk. I played chess today. I haven't played chess in a very long time.… Continue reading Chess and Melrose

The Beginning, or the End ?

This week Deep Mind - the Google team behind the "Alpha Zero" artificial intelligence project - tried out the game of chess on the system.Alpha Zero spent four hours learning to play chess from scratch - essentially playing against itself - before being pitted against the result of perhaps forty years of chess software research… Continue reading The Beginning, or the End ?

Washington Square Park

While skimming updates posted to the social internet by far flung friends earlier this evening, I got sucked into reading a post recalling somebody's formative years - and how many of their favourite memories were attached to Washington Square Park. I stopped in my tracks, opened a chat window, and asked the author directly:"Is that… Continue reading Washington Square Park

Tuesday Night with Idina Menzel

It doesn't feel like Tuesday night. Do you ever get that? When you get to a certain point in the week, and you think "Really? Is it really only Tuesday? Surely it must be Thursday already?".I'm back in the hotel - the wonderfully rubbish hotel where the wireless internet craps out all the time (can't… Continue reading Tuesday Night with Idina Menzel