Half an Hour

I have half an hour left until I get to switch my computer off, climb aboard my trusty bicycle, and pedal my way back towards town. I'm already wondering what ass-hattery will be thrown at me during the journey - this morning was the third in a row where cars have pulled out in front of me with no indication what-so-ever regarding what they were about to do. Apparently I'm invisible.

New Brakes, New Lights, New Haircut

A few minutes before leaving the house this morning the telephone rang. My other half."You know that bag I got ready last night with cakes for the school bazaar?""Yes.""I forgot it."I looked behind me on the kitchen floor, and sure enough there it was. I also knew that "I forgot it" really meant "will you… Continue reading New Brakes, New Lights, New Haircut

Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour

My body performed it's usual magic trick of waking up a few moments before the pre-programmed alarm clock this morning. I silently switched it off, and crept down-stairs. All clean underwear was on the folded washing mountain downstairs (which may fall on somebody one day, and necessitate a caving team to dig them out of… Continue reading Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour


For the better part of 2007 and 2008 I commuted into London each day - leaving the house at 6:45am each morning, and returning at 7pm each evening. The door-to-door journey took in the region of two hours on a good day. Think about that. Four hours on trains every day.Life became a weirdly automatic experience… Continue reading Regret