The Rugby Tournament

After scraping ourselves out of bed this morning, we all set about filling the car with boot-bags, mouth-guards, and collosal quantities of food before setting off towards a rugby tournament in London.What can I say? The sun shone, the girls worked their backsides off, and more importantly they had fun. I've never seen their respective… Continue reading The Rugby Tournament

Swimming on Sunday Morning

A little after waking up this morning a little voice called from the children's rooms. I grinned at my other half, and predicted the next sentence."Are we going swimming?"I looked at the clock. Half past eight. There went the plan to get up before 7am again. Another empty square in the bullet journal - I… Continue reading Swimming on Sunday Morning

The one where I was mistaken for a former professional sports person

While standing at the side of the football pitch watching our youngest play this morning, a Dad that lives across the way from us wandered up to me, and asked a rather strange question."So what did you used to play then?""How do you mean?""Well... looking at your frame - the muscle on you, I presumed… Continue reading The one where I was mistaken for a former professional sports person

Who’s idea was it to go running again ?

For some bizarre reason while exchanging messages with a friend on the other side of the world earlier this evening I guilted myself into going running. At 9:10pm. At night. I wandered upstairs and pulled open the drawer that hasn’t been pulled open for something in the region of seven years, and fished out a… Continue reading Who’s idea was it to go running again ?

A Distinct Lack of Hobbies

While my other half was away taking part in a charity walk this weekend, I found myself repeatedly filling the washing machine, hanging clothes out to dry, folding clean clothes, cooking, washing dishes, picking stuff up after the kids, taking out the rubbish, cleaning the bathrooms, and all the other chores you might associate with… Continue reading A Distinct Lack of Hobbies