The Rugby Tournament

After scraping ourselves out of bed this morning, we all set about filling the car with boot-bags, mouth-guards, and collosal quantities of food before setting off towards a rugby tournament in London.What can I say? The sun shone, the girls worked their backsides off, and more importantly they had fun. I've never seen their respective… Continue reading The Rugby Tournament

Sunday = Rugby (and the Superbowl)

It’s Sunday evening, dinner is busy cooking, the clothes are mostly washed, two of the children are watching TV in their rooms after a day on the rugby fields, and the eldest is at a friend’s house after lying to my face this morning. Not happy with her at all, but trying not to react… Continue reading Sunday = Rugby (and the Superbowl)

There’s Always Something

This morning was... interesting. By "interesting", I probably mean lots of other words, but I'm unsure if I should write them down or not. Some of them will be swear words, some of them will by hyperbole, and some of them will be expressions of disbelief.Let's just shorten what could be a long, angry, depressing… Continue reading There’s Always Something

Swimming on Sunday Morning

A little after waking up this morning a little voice called from the children's rooms. I grinned at my other half, and predicted the next sentence."Are we going swimming?"I looked at the clock. Half past eight. There went the plan to get up before 7am again. Another empty square in the bullet journal - I… Continue reading Swimming on Sunday Morning