Chess and Melrose

Welcome to the junk room. I'm one can of cider down, and have just closed the web browser in order to remove distractions. It's just me, Scrivener, and the light from an angle-poise lamp standing guard on the corner of the desk. I played chess today. I haven't played chess in a very long time.… Continue reading Chess and Melrose

Medication, Banned Books, and Conspiracy Theories

Today I am "working" from home. In reality, I called the client this morning and informed them that the likelihood of me getting much done today was pretty slim. I'm looking after Miss 17 - after two weeks fighting tonsillitis, going through one round of antibiotics, and still being sick, I've turned my focus almost completely on her. She's taking tablets every two hours now, and I'm forcing her to keep drinking, and eating anything I can get her to - despite her less than enthusiastic responses to my constant reminders and encouragement.

Almost Ignoring Valentines Day

If the marketing people would have you believe it, millions of people will be making all sorts of extra effort to woo, appease, or apologise to their existing or soon-to-be significant others today. All because convention and expectation pressures them into it. If they don't do something, they will be seen as lazy - if… Continue reading Almost Ignoring Valentines Day

Everything Changes

David Karp is leaving Tumblr. It feels strange, finally seeing the various valley blogs breathlessly posting the news out to the internet - describing how he founded the blogging platform back in 2007, and changed the web.I remember. I was there. I wrote about it.I remember listening to an episode of a podcast while travelling… Continue reading Everything Changes