Saturday Morning in the Book Shop

The day began with the clock radio bursting into life, and filling the room with utter dross. I squinted my eyes open and watched the seconds and minutes pass on the bedside clock, wondering how long I might lay there before somebody might consider there was something wrong with me. Minutes? Hours? I'm guessing we'll never find out, because the curious instinct to "not waste the weekend" kicked in, and carried me downstairs for a shower.


It's lunchtime at work, and I'm forcing myself to take a break. On a given day I sit here for hours - sometimes not leaving the chair all day, and then wondering why my legs are stiff when I get up to go home. Of course I cycle to work, so I'm not completely unfit, but I really should do something more. Years ago, I used to go running a couple of times a week - maybe I should try and make time for it once more. It's all about forming habits really - getting into a routine.

Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour

My body performed it's usual magic trick of waking up a few moments before the pre-programmed alarm clock this morning. I silently switched it off, and crept down-stairs. All clean underwear was on the folded washing mountain downstairs (which may fall on somebody one day, and necessitate a caving team to dig them out of… Continue reading Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour

Tuesday Morning in Frankfurt

Written at 9am in the morning while perched at a coffee shop table among the skyscrapers of central Frankfurt, and posted at 8pm the same evening while sitting in the hotel, listening to rain dancing on the windows.When I went to bed last night, I left the hotel window open - it's force of habit.… Continue reading Tuesday Morning in Frankfurt

Sunday Morning and Virtual Shenanigans

It's a fairly normal Sunday morning - the younger children have gone to rugby training, the washing machine is on, clothes are already hanging on the line, piles of folded washing are slowly assembling on the dining room table, and I'll be getting the iron out in a while to start ironing clothes straight into… Continue reading Sunday Morning and Virtual Shenanigans