Home Alone

Wednesday evening finds me sitting at a desk in the study, listening to Spotify, and wondering how much of today's thoughts to empty into the keyboard. I'm accompanied by a can that was filled with cider until a few minutes ago, and a teddy bear propped on the corner of the desk, gazing into the room with the same silly grin he's always had.

Stranger Things, and Rebuilding Teenagers

Tonight is pizza night, and Stranger Things 2 has been released on Netflix. That solves what I'll be watching throughout the weekend. I may stop on my way home to buy some snacks for both myself and Miss 17. We watched the first season together, so it's kind of become "our thing".Stranger Things has come… Continue reading Stranger Things, and Rebuilding Teenagers

The one where my stomach re-programmed my brain

I took the remains of last night’s pizza with me to the office this morning - wrapped up in the sandwich bags I bought from the supermarket while waiting for the pizza to cook (and thinking myself tremendously clever for thinking of them).Of course I wasn’t as tremendously clever as I thought, because I only… Continue reading The one where my stomach re-programmed my brain