Medication, Banned Books, and Conspiracy Theories

Today I am "working" from home. In reality, I called the client this morning and informed them that the likelihood of me getting much done today was pretty slim. I'm looking after Miss 17 - after two weeks fighting tonsillitis, going through one round of antibiotics, and still being sick, I've turned my focus almost completely on her. She's taking tablets every two hours now, and I'm forcing her to keep drinking, and eating anything I can get her to - despite her less than enthusiastic responses to my constant reminders and encouragement.

Late Night Gibberish

I'm sitting on a chair in the corner of my eldest daughter's bedroom at half-past midnight. We both have Chromebooks propped on our laps, and we're both writing blog posts. She's writing something sensible - I'm writing this ridiculously recursive rubbish just to show that if you start writing something - anything - then more… Continue reading Late Night Gibberish