One Week Into the Nokia 3310 Experiment

It is now a week since the Nokia 3310 arrived, and I performed a factory reset on my previous phone (a rather lovely Honor 8 that now resides in my other half's handbag). I thought it might be interesting to record a few thoughts about my experiences so far.Perhaps the biggest surprise is that I… Continue reading One Week Into the Nokia 3310 Experiment

Retro Video Games, First Posts, and Stranger Things

After escorting Miss 17 to a famous fashion retail establishment this afternoon, I left her to peruse their wares and crossed the road to see what the second hand video game store might have on display. I wasn't planning on buying anything - I just wanted to look.My plans began to fall apart then I… Continue reading Retro Video Games, First Posts, and Stranger Things

Saying Goodbye to the Netbook

This evening I erased the hard hard-drive on the old netbook computer that's been kicking around the house for the last few years, and gave it to my other half to donate to charity. She works at a school, and a charity regularly visits to take hardware away with them for various projects.I bought the… Continue reading Saying Goodbye to the Netbook

Boots of Infinite Striding

I have a confession to make. I never played "Dungeons and Dragons" when I was younger. Meeting me as an adult, you might suspect otherwise - I own or have owned nearly every video game system back to about 1984, own a growing collection of comic books and graphic novels, and have always found complicated… Continue reading Boots of Infinite Striding