Half an Hour

I have half an hour left until I get to switch my computer off, climb aboard my trusty bicycle, and pedal my way back towards town. I'm already wondering what ass-hattery will be thrown at me during the journey - this morning was the third in a row where cars have pulled out in front of me with no indication what-so-ever regarding what they were about to do. Apparently I'm invisible.

Winning and Losing

We spent the greater part of yesterday evening sitting in a packed auditorium at the big school in town - watching a local celebrity hand out awards to students throughout the school. Of course our main reason for being there was to watch Miss 14 receive an award for her cooking exploits. A local celebrity… Continue reading Winning and Losing

New Phone Ordered

I ordered a new mobile phone this morning - it will arrive in the post tomorrow. It's the 2017 version of the cheapest handset Nokia make. Before you think "oh my word - he's finally lost the plot", it's probably worth clarifying that it's only intended as a backup phone, with a pay-as-you-go SIM in… Continue reading New Phone Ordered