Saturday Morning in the Book Shop

The day began with the clock radio bursting into life, and filling the room with utter dross. I squinted my eyes open and watched the seconds and minutes pass on the bedside clock, wondering how long I might lay there before somebody might consider there was something wrong with me. Minutes? Hours? I'm guessing we'll never find out, because the curious instinct to "not waste the weekend" kicked in, and carried me downstairs for a shower.

Other People’s Lives

While walking back from an emergency grocery shopping trip late this evening, I spotted a cafe that opens late, filled with people laughing, smiling, relaxing, and no doubt having all sorts of fun. As I trudged past with my bag of shopping, with the knowledge that my evening was far from over yet, I started… Continue reading Other People’s Lives

The Sweet Spot

Following my self imposed imprisonment  construction of a catch-net for Miss 17 this evening instead of sitting in a rugby stadium with the rest of my family watching England destroy Canada in sub-zero temperatures, I have been enjoying the finest cheap(ish) bottle of wine available from the local supermarket.I have now drunk two rather large… Continue reading The Sweet Spot

A Few Words for a Departed Friend

You might recall that during my last visit to Germany I received word about an old friend and co-worker that was killed in a motorcycle accident. I'm attending his funeral tomorrow, representing the company I work for. His other half has asked if anybody that knew him can record their memories, and share them, so… Continue reading A Few Words for a Departed Friend

Tilting at Blogging Windmills

I bought a magazine yesterday morning - a magazine all about blogging. Within it's pages there are interviews with "bloggers of note", lots of explanatory articles about what to write about, how to write it, when to write it, where to write it, and all sorts of other rubbish. And that's just it - it's rubbish.Instead… Continue reading Tilting at Blogging Windmills

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I suppose technically it's already Saturday morning, but I'm writing this before falling into bed on Friday night, so I'm classing it as Friday still.I took Miss 17 to see "IT" at the cinema this evening - the movie version of Stephen King's famous book. I've never read the book, and I never saw the… Continue reading Something Wicked This Way Comes

Has anybody seen my hangover?

We were invited out to a 50th birthday party last night, hosted at the local rowing club on the river - the same rowing club where you might typically have found Katherine Granger and Steve Redgrave in years past. I seems ridiculous, but I have lived nearby for seventeen years, and never set foot in… Continue reading Has anybody seen my hangover?