Surrounded by Idiots

I just watched the entire testimony between Mark Zuckerberg and a number of United States Senators in Washington live. Nearly six hours of it. I have some thoughts. I know this is a huge departure from the usual "day in the life" posts I usually write, and I don't plan on doing this on anything… Continue reading Surrounded by Idiots

One Week Into the Nokia 3310 Experiment

It is now a week since the Nokia 3310 arrived, and I performed a factory reset on my previous phone (a rather lovely Honor 8 that now resides in my other half's handbag). I thought it might be interesting to record a few thoughts about my experiences so far.Perhaps the biggest surprise is that I… Continue reading One Week Into the Nokia 3310 Experiment

The Beginning, or the End ?

This week Deep Mind - the Google team behind the "Alpha Zero" artificial intelligence project - tried out the game of chess on the system.Alpha Zero spent four hours learning to play chess from scratch - essentially playing against itself - before being pitted against the result of perhaps forty years of chess software research… Continue reading The Beginning, or the End ?

Everything Changes

David Karp is leaving Tumblr. It feels strange, finally seeing the various valley blogs breathlessly posting the news out to the internet - describing how he founded the blogging platform back in 2007, and changed the web.I remember. I was there. I wrote about it.I remember listening to an episode of a podcast while travelling… Continue reading Everything Changes

Memories of MS-DOS 5, Windows 3.0, and GNU-Linux

In early 1992 I saw Windows 3.0 for the first time. I had asked to use the laser printer of the IT department at West Oxfordshire College to print out a poem by Marilyn Monroe for an art project I was working on (yes, I studied art at college as well as computer science). The… Continue reading Memories of MS-DOS 5, Windows 3.0, and GNU-Linux