Half an Hour

I have half an hour left until I get to switch my computer off, climb aboard my trusty bicycle, and pedal my way back towards town. I'm already wondering what ass-hattery will be thrown at me during the journey - this morning was the third in a row where cars have pulled out in front of me with no indication what-so-ever regarding what they were about to do. Apparently I'm invisible.

Down the Rabbit Hole

The clock is ticking towards 10pm as I begin writing this, and it's really the first chance I have had all day to empty my head. If I was going to be lazy I would write about how tired I am - weary really - and how the day has knocked the stuffing out of me. That wouldn't be the whole story though - I got a huge amount of complicated work done. Here's the problem though - if I even begin to tell you what I've been working on, your eyes will glaze over, and you'll start wondering what's on Netflix.