The Sweet Spot

Following my self imposed imprisonment  construction of a catch-net for Miss 17 this evening instead of sitting in a rugby stadium with the rest of my family watching England destroy Canada in sub-zero temperatures, I have been enjoying the finest cheap(ish) bottle of wine available from the local supermarket.I have now drunk two rather large… Continue reading The Sweet Spot

Tilting at Blogging Windmills

I bought a magazine yesterday morning - a magazine all about blogging. Within it's pages there are interviews with "bloggers of note", lots of explanatory articles about what to write about, how to write it, when to write it, where to write it, and all sorts of other rubbish. And that's just it - it's rubbish.Instead… Continue reading Tilting at Blogging Windmills

Truth and Honesty on the Internet

I began blogging before the word had become part of the common vernacular. In the early days, people wrote about their day - their life. Online journals formed the basis of LiveJournal, DiaryLand, and Blogger. Most people carried brick mobile phones, and connected to the internet once or twice a day via a screeching black… Continue reading Truth and Honesty on the Internet