Saturday Morning in the Book Shop

The day began with the clock radio bursting into life, and filling the room with utter dross. I squinted my eyes open and watched the seconds and minutes pass on the bedside clock, wondering how long I might lay there before somebody might consider there was something wrong with me. Minutes? Hours? I'm guessing we'll never find out, because the curious instinct to "not waste the weekend" kicked in, and carried me downstairs for a shower.

The one where Miss 17 cut her own hair

When I came downstairs this morning I looked in on Miss 17 and reminded her that I had bought a subscription to "Crunchyroll" yesterday, which appeared to be enough to eject her out of bed. If you've never seen it, Crunchyroll is a streaming TV service that plays Anime. The younger children seemed pretty excited too - until they realised the shows are all subtitled - they can't read fast enough to keep up. She got up pretty damn quickly, and I half expected to find her wiping sleep from here eyes in the lounge - instead I found her looking in the mirror in the hallway.